Incredible Health Benefits of Copper Crockery and Stainless Steel Utensils in Delhi


  Copper has been a metal which holds amazing health benefits. Copper is considered a sacred metal hence copper utensils are used in worshipping the god. Besides numerous uses, copper is an important dietary mineral for all living organisms. Human body contains 1.4-2.1 mg of copper per kilogram of body weight and is mainly found in muscle, bone and liver.  As per Ayurveda, water stored overnight in copper vessel (also known as tamra jal) charges the water positively and becomes extremely beneficial for human body. Drinking water from copper vessel aids in healthy digestive system and alleviates body aches. Copper was used to be an integral part of people’s lives but over the years modernisation hit and plastic has replaced stainless steel and copper in kitchen in great extent. Plastic kitchenware is not as efficient and have no good effect on body therefore copper utensils are in vogue again. CWC manufactures superlative designs of copper kitchenware that no one can resist. 

Some of the health benefits of copper includes: 

1) Copper is antimicrobial thus inhibits the growth of microorganisms that can cause harm to your body. 

2) Copper stimulates the brain and promotes efficient thinking. 

3)  Copper reduces the chances of premature ageing and make your skin beautiful and glowing. 

4) Copper aids in effective weight loss by braking fats in your body. It also reduces cholesterol. 

5) Copper boosts your immune system and speed up the process of healing of wounds. 

6) Copper is a great anti-oxidant and is anti-inflammatory.  

7) Copper boosts proper growth of tissues in body. 

8) Copper increases energy production and assist in Red blood cells formation. 

It is advisable to use top notch copper and stainless steel kitchenware in order to maintain good health. While purchasing copper utensils, it is very important to make sure the metal used in making of the utensils is good and can be used to store consumable items. CWC ensures 100% purity therefore you can rely on their products for better health.  

 Copper utensils need good care for oxidization turns them dark. One must not use coarse scraper as it might damage the finish of the utensil. These utensils should be cleaned with lemon or tamarind to retain their shine for long. 



 Copper crockery holds as relatively prestigious position as far as kitchen essentials are considered, due to their unique appeal and regal feel they offer, evident by the legion of aficionados who do not shy away from forking heavy sums of money to lay their hands on them. Seeking to bring the goodness of copper to your household and satiate the aesthetic cravings of patrons, Crockery Wala & Company, based in national capital New Delhi, offers a wide range of Copper Drinkwares, whose stellar build quality and elegant design eludes the offerings of our contemporaries. We boast an industrial experience exceeding a couple of years and deal in products such as Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mug, CWC Global Copper Hammered Pitcher, and Pure Copper Mug Set to name a few.Best copper bottles, copper mugs , moscow mule mugs, copper pot , in New Delhi. 

Stainless Steel is Safe To Use.

 Stainless steel contains iron, chromium and nickel. Small amounts of these metals may find their way into your food which is good for health. Iron is an essential nutrient, a little chromium is also needed (50-200 micro grams is the acceptable range; you get at most 45 micro grams in one meal cooked in stainless steel, cWc Manufacture Best in class stainless steel utensils to keep you safe and healthy.